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Looking For A New Final Expense Agency?

We know and understand that the Final Expense arena can be extremely tricky to navigate. So with over a decade of experience, our sole purpose and mission is to provide our agents with the best resources and solutions available in the industry coupled with a culture focused on results and relationships.

From cutting-edge training, direction and first-class support, to long-lasting friendships and relationships, we have it all. So whether you’re an award winning agent with experience or a brand new agent with no experience, now may be the perfect time to take massive action and join an organization of elite agents built by elite agents!

Testimonials From Agents

“Out of hundreds of agents, it is an honor to have been asked to share my success testimony by my mentor Mr. Matt Mungia, who is not only the top personal income earner in the final expense market but is also the most respected, educated, resourceful manager I have been around. He has a sincere desire to help each agent succeed under his watch.

I met Matt Mungia in Thailand a couple years ago on a top producers trip. I was in search of someone who could help me increase my personal production while assisting me with growing my agency. We connected right away and I knew he was the right choice. I was always a hard worker, but he gave me some simple skills that has elevated me to become a consistent 6- figure income earner and now my desire is to help develop other agents.

In my opinion we have the most generous, simplistic, transparent system for agent success”.

Some of Barry’s accomplishments below

  • Winner of a Top Producer award trip to Thailand-2015
  • Winner of a Top Producer award trip to Alaska-2016
  • Rising Star award winner- 2016
  • Presidents Circle of Honor Award – 2016
Barry T.
Rising Star Award Winner

“In 2009 I started my career in the insurance business. Over the years I have worked with several different companies in sales and leadership positions. Through hard work I have achieved numerous awards such as” Rookie of the Year”, “ Builder of the Year” and “Top Producer”. After joining the squad in September 2016 I got off to a great start by plugging into a proven system, utilizing high quality leads and taking advantage of the ongoing team support. I am currently on pace to produce almost $600,000 in annual premium for 2017”. I’m super excited to be part of a championship caliber team.

Some of Garvin’s accomplishments below

  • Former “Rookie of the Year” award winner
  • Former “Builder of the Year” award winner
  • Former “Top Producer” award winner
  • Currently on Pace to set a NEW final expense annual premium RECORD amongst ALL agents in America with 600K (has hit 50K average for 5 months in a row)
  • Rising Star award winner-2016
  • SNL’s Sales Club – 2016
John Garvin S.
Rising Star Award Winner – 2016

“ I’ve been working with Matt & The Insurance Squad for 2 years. I have to say it has definitely been the most productive 2 years of my career. Not only have I surpassed my sales goals but I’ve also qualified for numerous carrier incentive trips as a result. Additionally I’ve met countless top producers and managers over the years and I have to say The Insurance Squad is second to none. Not only is Matt easily accessible but we have access to a group of national top producers at the drop of a hat. On top of that the 24/7 group texts, continually updated industry-leading cheat sheets and weekly conference calls ensure that I continue to stay one step ahead of the average producer.

Some of Brandon’s accomplishments below

  • Former #1 agent in the country for One Life-2013
  • “Agent of the Year” award winner for The Insurance Squad-2015
  • Won 2 trips to Thailand & Turks and Caicos- 2015
  • Won an Alaskan Cruise- 2016
  • Wrote over 300K numerous times
Brandon S.
Agent of the Year 2015

“ I have been working with Matt in the Final Expense arena for over 4 years. Before joining The Insurance Squad I had never worked in the insurance market or been in sales. By following and learning from the systems, trainings and helpful tools in place, I have been able to become the #1 agent in the Country for Family Benefit & Trinity Life. If you are looking for a place to learn the business or have been in the industry and want to take your business to the next level this team of elite agents is the place to be. It was the best financial decision I have made!”

Some of Gatlin’s accomplishments below

  • #1 Agent in the Country for Family Benefit & Trinity Life-2016
  • Won the penthouse suite on the Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska-2016
  • “Agent of the Year” award winner for The Insurance Squad-2016
  • Former “Rookie of the Year” award winner
Gatlin T.
(Left) Agent of the year 2016

“I started in the insurance business in January 2016 with absolutely no experience in the industry. Using the squads proven training methods and ongoing agent support I was able to write close to $300,000 of business and become the #2 producer in the country for Family Benefit &Trinity Life. It’s been great working with some of the highest producing professionals in the nation and I truly value the camaraderie and support of our team.”

Some of Peter’s accomplishments below

  • #2 Agent in the country for Family Benefit & Trinity Life-2016
  • “Rookie of the Year” award winner for The Insurance Squad-2016
  • Won the Alaskan Cruise for his production-2016
Peter W.
(Right) Rookie of the year 2016

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