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Here are some of the benefits of working with “THE INSURANCE SQUAD”

  • The VERY BEST DIRECT MAIL lead program in the Country, here’s why:
  • EXCLUSIVE leads NEVER resold
  • FILTERED leads that put you in front of prospects that can afford your product with our INCOME FILTERED DIRECT MAIL LEADS (we have the ability to mail to clients with incomes of 15K-60K) instead of the normal 0K-50K
  • FILTERED DIRECT MAIL LEADS that put you in front of prospects ages 55-79 (ANY lead you receive outside of that age range is FREE)
  • HIGH contract levels
  • OVER 50 carriers to write with (Don’t get cut on commission because you are writing too many graded or guaranteed issue plans because you don’t have enough carriers!)
  • THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE “cheat sheet” in the industry to help guide you to pick the right carrier for the client while field underwriting in the clients home
  • TRAINING VIDEOS & WEEKLY PHONE CALLS from the #1 FINAL EXPENSE agent in 2015 who wrote OVER 500K on his own pen and from other elite agents on the squad
  • OVER a decade of training materials collected from the TOP agents across the Country including door-knocking scripts, how to handle objections, phone scripts, in-home presentations & MUCH more
  • Our on-going LIVE chat room with OVER 70 agents interacting throughout the day answering your underwriting questions assisting you with your sale
  • TOP agents are ALWAYS on call to help you close your deal over speaker phone for that necessary nudge some clients need or that 2nd opinion some clients need to hear
  • EXCLUSIVE territories to work (we DO NOT put 2 agents to work in the same area unless given permission by the agent already in the area)
  • In-field Quoting software that allows you to shop ALL our carriers INSTANTLY on your phone, iPad or computer with the push of a button
  • Our business gets placed easily without the headache & hassle of it getting held up in underwriting or pending status 95%+ of the time
  • We offer FREE releases (we hold NO ONE hostage so if you ever want to depart from our organization you don’t have to sit out 6 months)
  • ACCESS to appointment setters (will call to set up appointments for you with your leads)
  • LIFETIME renewals
  • VESTED day 1
  • INCENTIVE trips to some of the most exotic locations in the world for TOP producers (Thailand, Alaskan Cruise, Hawaii, European Cruise to name a few of the latest)
  • EXCLUSIVE Telemarketing Leads Discounts available for contracted agents.
  • Senior Center training (learn how to get in front of 15-50 prospects for $100)
  • LOWEST priced carriers (helps with persistency when NO ONE can replace your business on price)
  • Potential to grow your own agency
  • THE BEST 10 pay product on the market
  • RIDE ALONGS with some of our TOP agents (Come ride with a TOP AGENT)
  • GUARANTEED ISSUE products that can place ANY client no matter their health from ages 25-80


***These are just SOME of the reasons to contact us & see if we might be a fit for you!!!

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