How To Schedule Final Expense Appointments


How To Schedule Final Expense Appointments When you’re trying to up your insurance sales game, it’s not enough just to get large volumes of leads. You’ve got to know how to get your leads converted to actual sales, and the first step to making your pitch is making the appointment. Setting final expense appointments is about two things: planning your time and informing your customer. We’ll talk about each principle a little bit, and then I want to run you through a script that I use when I make appointment-setting phone calls. Don't like to set your own [...]

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Anatomy of a $10,000 Final Expense Sales Week


Anatomy of a $10,000 Final Expense Sales Week If you want to be able to sell $10,000 in final expense life insurance in a single week, you need to go in with a plan and a reasonable set of expectations. The fact is, this level should be attainable if you work at it, but it takes time to learn the intricacies of your local market and to get your processes up and running. The first step toward learning how to sell final expense insurance in this kind of volume is studying the tools that someone else used [...]

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12 Tips From the Top


How To Sell Life Insurance - 12 Tips From The Top As a life insurance agent, you may have wondered what separates the top producers from everyone else. Or, depending on your position, you may have a few techniques that separate you from everyone else. Either way, the truth is that it’s usually the little things that create that separation. At the Insurance Squad, we have learned what makes the difference in life insurance. Whether you’re wondering how to sell life insurance more effectively or looking to hone the skills you’ve already developed, here are 12 tips [...]

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