10 Reasons to Contract With Trinity/Family Benefit

Just like policyholders have plenty of options when it comes to creating coverage that’s the perfect fit for their unique needs, the same is true of insurance agents. You likely want to work for a company that values you as an agent and provides you with the tools and resources necessary to take care of your clients and achieve your professional goals. Trinity/Family Benefit is just one such company, and here are 10 reasons to give strong consideration to contracting with them.

1. Lenient Underwriting

Depending on a person’s specific health complications or lifestyle, he or she might have a hard time finding final expense companies willing to approve them. With Trinity/Family Benefit, neither you nor potential clients have to worry about insulin limits, and you’ll find the company has a rather generous height/weight chart, which your future clients are sure to appreciate as well. This allows you to reach out to individuals who have the financial means to maintain their policy if they could only find an insurance provider willing to take them on.

2. As Many As 45 Days Out Before the Initial Withdrawal

On the flipside of the issue touched on above are those who have no problem with the final expense contracts underwriting process but would rather not have their first payment come out a few days after they’ve been successfully approved for a plan. This benefits you, because that timeframe could be a major deciding factor in whether a potential client decides to do business with you or look elsewhere to maintain financial stability. From the client’s point of view, having as many as 45 days before the first withdrawal allows him or her time to save up for that initial payment and budget for future payments accordingly.

3. Accept All Forms of Payments

Trinity/Family Benefit also accepts various forms of payment, including credit cards, direct express cards, debit cards, payments from checking accounts and funds from savings accounts, providing customers with a variety of options in case a situation arises in which they’re unable to pay with either a credit or debit card. Not only that, but your clients are pay the same price whether they pay with a credit/debit card, or a checking/savings account which can’t be said of every insurance company today. Now customers don’t have to feel as if they’re being financially punished while being responsible and keeping up with their policy payments.

4. Phone Interviews on Saturdays up to 2 p.m.

While learning how to sell final expense life insurance, you might not consider yourself to be a typical agent. For instance, you may like to work on weekends. Trinity/Family Benefit knows how to cater to your desires, which is why you can hold interviews on Saturdays until 2 p.m.You might have a client who can speak with you on Saturday and only on Saturday, and now there’s an option available that works for everyone.

5. “Know Before You Go” Phone Interview

You’re likely familiar with the anticipation that comes with waiting, whether it be for a job, an important decision or even when you order takeout. When it comes to final expense life insurance, people like to know as soon as possible whether they’ve been approved, and now they can. This can go a long way in saving time for everyone, clients especially since they don’t have to worry about spending more time than needed searching for the right insurance company. That being said, there are instances when further underwriting becomes necessary, but such times are often rare.

6. 10-12 Minute Phone Interviews

On a related note, you’ll enjoy the fact that phone interviews with Trinity/Family Benefit only last as many as 12 minutes typically. The company understands you have clients to take care of and goals to work toward, and it doesn’t want to take up any more of your time than required. Not only do you get all the information you need, the same applies to the client, who also more than likely has things to take care of.

7. Knock-Out RX Prescription List

Another way Trinity/Family Benefit saves you and your clients time is by offering a knock-out prescription list. Clients let you know which prescription medications they’re currently taking and you compare them with the information on the RX list to immediately determine whether the person should be approved for a final expense life insurance policy. If a client is ineligible because of a specific medication, he or she can then apply with a different carrier saving the independent agent and client both time.

8. Low-Priced Carrier for Both Smokers and Non-Smokers

Those who smoke are used to having to pay more for life insurance, but they might not have the financial means to do so. Trinity/Family Benefit is consistently more affordable than other insurance carriers for smokers as well as non-smokers. Again, this is a great way to meet the needs of customers who are used to running into roadblocks when it comes to getting the amount of coverage they want for a price they can afford.

9. Pay Agents on Policy Fee & Lead Credit

It is always great to work for a company that truly values its employees, which is why you’ll receive payment on policy fees while working with Trinity/Family Benefit, something that can’t be said of every insurance provider. Also, agents who successfully write $5,000 of business within a single month will receive a 5 % lead credit.

10. Free Nursing Home Rider

The rising costs of nursing home care can present quite a barrier for many senior citizens. Now your elderly clients have the option of using their death benefit to help take care of nursing home costs, providing them with a great deal of relief and peace of mind.

Know there are more reasons than those mentioned above to consider contracting with Trinity/Family Benefits. See for yourself how easy it can be to make the most of your potential and the career possibilities that await.

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